Why small groups?

Church of the Redeemer is known for its community and one of the core values is life-on-life connection. To accomplish this, we desire the majority of church members to regularly meet in small group settings. By meeting together in smaller environments during the week, our church family
two ladies at church talking with each other

What do we offer?

Our adult ministries include men’s ministry, women’s ministry, and life groups.

Currently, many men enjoy the Friday morning prayer breakfasts.

Several women’s weekly Bible study options are available.

And life groups gather in homes around the county.

Many other events are scheduled throughout the year.

Want to be part of our men’s or women’s events?

Interested in joining a life group?

Let us know below and we’ll help get you connected.

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More Ministries

Adult ministries are just a few of the ministries at Church of the Redeemer. Explore our full list of ministries.