Sunday Ministries

Greeter Team

The greeter ministry is a great way to get to know many people quickly. The greeters pass out bulletins, direct visitors to the sanctuary or the children’s ministry area, and help to make each person feel welcome. A greeter is on the rotation for one month of Sundays and then has two months off.

Coffee Ministry

This team arrives before 9am and prepares the coffee and tea for Sunday morning classes and worship. All supplies are provided.

Communion Set-up Team

Church of the Redeemer celebrates communion on the last Sunday of each month. The communion team prepares the table for the Lord’s Supper.

Children’s Ministry

The children’s ministry is for ages birth through 5th grade. We consider it a privilege to work alongside parents to teach the gospel to the next generation in a way that they have the greatest opportunity to become fully developed followers of Christ. 

Opportunities and events include Sunday morning classes during Sunday school and worship service, as well as weekday activities such as a girl’s mentoring group, scripture memory classes, and regular playdates on our playground.

Yearly, children enjoy the Fall Festival, Vacation Bible School, Easter egg hunt, and boy’s camping trip. Finally, the children’s Christmas pageant is much anticipated by all.

In His Image

Church of the Redeemer desires to come alongside families affected by disability and help build a spiritual foundation that will lead children and adults to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ.

In His Image offers a class for adaptive learning in a sensory room during the 9am Sunday School hour and 10:30am worship hour. Trained volunteers come alongside children and adults in the In His Image classroom.

Sunday School

We hold Sunday school classes prior to the worship service on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:10am. In each class, we focus on becoming more like Christ through biblical instruction and practical Christian living as we enjoy fellowship with others, both our friends and our community.

Worship Ministry

The worship ministry exists to facilitate corporate worship for services at Church of the Redeemer through music, media, and sound. This ministry is regularly looking for talented and dedicated vocalists, instrumental musicians, and media and sound technicians.


The music team meets for rehearsal each Sunday morning at 9:00 a.m. and is led by the worship director. Primary instruments are piano, guitar (electric or acoustic), bass, and percussion.


The media team runs and manages content on the large screen and monitors, as well as handles the video and online streaming. Familiarity with Macs is preferred but not required.


The sound team sets up, mixes, and runs sound for all services. A good ear for mixing and experience in sound engineering is preferred.

Youth Ministry

The youth ministry’s mission is: Glorifying God by partnering with parents to ground youth in the gospel and fulfill the Great Commission. Redeemer Youth has 3 volunteer teams:

Sunday Night Youth Group

With an emphasis on relationships, members of this team help lead small groups and spend time getting to know students and encouraging them.

Youth Sunday School

With an emphasis on teaching, members of this team rotate teaching in Youth Sunday School on Sunday mornings from 9:00-10:10am.

Youth Planning Team

With an emphasis on strategic planning, members of this team meet once a month to discuss ideas and plan upcoming youth events.

Church Community Ministries

Life Group Ministry

A life group is a lifestyle, not merely another meeting. Life groups are intended to be a microcosm of the Christ-centered, gospel-driven church to build community and relationships among Christians and unbelievers resulting in Spirit-led transformation and mission.

Within Church of the Redeemer, many life groups are regularly meeting together to study, encourage, and pray for one another. These small group meetings are typically hosted at a church member’s home and occur on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

It is the desire of the church, that all members become part of a life group.

Women’s Ministry

Women In Ministry aims to equip our women to handle the word of God, grow in love and knowledge of Him, and encourage deep and meaningful relationships with sisters in Christ.

We provide weekly Bible studies, annual spring retreats, seasonal gatherings throughout the year, and opportunities for prayer.

Women in Ministry desires to see God use women’s gifts to build the church body. By serving women, Women in Ministry strengthens women to serve.

We want to provide a space for each woman to grow in the unique ways God has gifted her, whether in teaching, hosting, service, administration, or other areas.

Men’s Ministry

The purpose of our men’s ministry is to provide various opportunities for our men to grow. These include small group discipleship, large group meetings for accountability and fellowship, and retreats that develop new relationships.

Through all these opportunities, we seek to be relationship driven as we grow in grace together, build friendships, learn to help one another, and develop in leadership.

Hospitality Ministry

The purpose of the hospitality team is to unite in Christ through inviting, welcoming, receiving, and caring for our community and church family.

We need to welcome and serve others as Christ welcomed and served us. Christ calls us to genuinely love others and reach out to those who do not yet know us.

Through the Hospitality Team and church volunteers we are working toward these goals and look forward to see how Christ will use us in the coming year.

Meals Ministry

The meals ministry seeks to help Church of the Redeemer families in a very practical way by providing dinners after the birth or adoption of a child, after major surgeries or illness, and during other particularly difficult times.

When a need arises, a meal ministry coordinator contacts the family to assess the particular needs and creates an online sign-up for church volunteers to make (or purchase) and deliver the meals to the families. The meal sign-ups are announced by email and on the private children’s and women’s ministry Facebook pages.

The meals ministry needs coordinators to share the coordination load, and we welcome all members of the Church of the Redeemer body to provide meals.

Care Team Ministry

The care team provides individual care for Church of the Redeemer members who are dealing with difficult life issues. This care plays a supporting role to the pastors and elders.

The team works with individuals, select groups, or the whole church body. Examples of individual care could be mentoring for issues in marriage, grief, various addictions such as porn or drugs, and behavioral concerns such as anger.

The care team also has provided teaching for groups of members on subjects such as marriage, child rearing, and anger management. Limited financial scholarships for professional counseling are available.

Prayer Team

The prayer team members are committed to lifting up the needs and praises of all who ask. Each member checks their emails daily, praying for any prayer requests that may have come during the preceding 24 hours.

The prayer team members consider it a privilege to speak to our Heavenly Father on behalf of brothers and sisters in Christ and view this as a sacred trust.

Mercy Ministry

The mercy team exists to facilitate any mercy needs that might come up within our church body.

We are all desperately in need of the gospel every day, and the mercy team simply tries to live the good news out by helping those folks who are in need and don’t know where else to turn.

Our goal is to encourage reconciliation in any area that might be causing damage to one’s life and to then empower a person to live in the way God intended them to live.


The LINK ministry welcomes and guides prospective members during our LINK classes. These informational classes, taught by pastors and elders, serve as the way Church of the Redeemer shares key information about the church to prospective new members.

The LINK team supports the classes in these ways: by making attendees comfortable, providing a dinner, getting to know the group, encouraging areas of spiritual gifting, and helping attendees get connected at Church of the Redeemer.

Finance Ministry

The finance committee is a sub-committee of the church Diaconate. It oversees the church's financial operations and offers recommendations to church leadership. The team is committed to good stewardship and seeks to actively manage the resources necessary to support short and long-term goals.

Outreach Ministries

Sports Ministry

The sports ministry team consists of softball players from within Church of the Redeemer and outside of the church. The team is part of a Christian league in Indian Trail. The goal of this ministry is to gather those from our community and show the love of Christ through a lively game of softball.

Local Ministries

Reaching the world for Christ begins just outside our own front doors as we seek to love our neighbors (Matt 22:39).

Church of the Redeemer partners with several ministries and agencies in Union County to assist them with the services and ministry they provide to our community.

Missions Team

The missions team is committed to building relationships between the missionaries we serve and the congregation. We do this by relaying information and working with missionaries through short-term mission trips.

We are committed to the strength and depth of our relationships. This helps us better understand the immediate and long-term needs of those on the missions field, both locally and internationally.

Want to get connected to one of these ministries or serve with one of these teams?